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Cancelled Kindle subscription to NEJM

May 22nd, 2009 by Patrick

Kindle screen shot of New England Journal

I cancelled my Kindle subscription to the New England Journal today. I am still considering an online subscription.

What really annoyed me this week was realizing that the Kindle doesn’t get Early Release articles until they show up in the print magazine. As soon as this content is on the website, it should be available for the Kindle too.

Journals on the Kindle are apparently just electronic versions of the paper editions, without any fancy additions. No interactive component, no updates to corrected content, none of the things that a constant Internet connection offers. (After all, the 3G connection on my Kindle is faster than my iPhone’s connection.)

The price certainly wasn’t great either; a Kindle subscription from Amazon runs $9*12 = $108 per year. The print/online subscription from NEJM is $159, and the online-only subscription is $99. It’s cheaper if you are a resident or medical student.

Finally, note that the $108/year to Amazon does not include subscriber access to the NEJM website.

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